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The Ranter remembers a kinder, gentler time and recalls youth and its belief in itself - when we thought we mattered and would prevail. He reads history and imagines when peoples' movements established true democracies, when the world was "Turned Upside Down" by Diggers, Ranters, Levellers, Quakers and Seekers. He knows too of the Paris Commune as well as of Rojava today. Even though winter is coming he remembers the spring of childhood. . .

This is coal ...

A visual poem from Ali Whitelock - "this is coal, don't be afraid"

Ali Whitelock video

Words can be made to mean anything at all. The lips and tongues of power-mad politicians say one thing but mean another. Yet the same words coming from a poet voiced over a simple everyday image, move us in a totally different way.

How Dare You

Greta Thunberg is pure inspiration!

Greta is not "our leader" - the planet needs no leader but Gaia. What Greta does is tell the truth. Jeanne d'Arc perhaps . . . And apologies for the Murdoch media link!

Money Value and Wealth

The Great Money Trick by Robert Tressell

Melbourne workers

There's confusion, in common English, between the meanings of money, value and wealth. Conventional economics does nothing to enlighten us, but marxism does. An excerpt from The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists explains a lot . . .

Hey Ancestor!

Alexis Wright Talking About Invasion Day


There's a lot of uninformed ranting going down right now about "Australia Day" #InvasionDay and #ChangeTheDate. Personally I don't want to "change" the date - I want to understand it and ask why have national days at all? In the interim, consider this contribution from Alexis Wright . . .

Some Days Shake The World

Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution


There's a muted memory in the capitalist world, a reluctance to acknowledge the Bolsheviks and what they did. We don't need to see it as a binary, good or bad, this or that - it happened and understanding why can only help us deal with today's problems. One hundred years and we still grapple with huge inequality, power abuse, oppression and unfulfilled hopes . . .

Follow the Money

Five easy steps towards understanding zombie banks

G20 zombies

A common view is that banks act as middle men between savers and lenders - storing all those pennies from the nation’s piggy banks and lending them out to investors and entrepreneurs who then make a profit so the repayments return to us as interest on our savings accounts. Nothing could be further from the truth . . .